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Camping equipment

For the outdoor lover, whether a hiker, camper, caver, or climber, we will have product reviews and recommendations on all the necessary equipment and gear for you. Every camper needs a good flashlight, headlamp, or lantern and we’ll review the best tactical equipment out there. Tents and camping equipment? We’ll have something to say about it, including upcoming features on water filtration systems and treatment tablets. Backpacks? For sure, including the latest in protective backpacks. We can also recommend first aid kits, cooking gear, and everything else you’ll need for your trip. We’ll even poll our readers, and point you to the best destinations, help you make up a checklist for your trip, and post links to relevant articles and reviews.


Are you into geocaching? We’ll point you to the best apps to help you find those hidden items. We’ll review your best handheld GPS tracking options, and link you into games and locations from all over the country. Beginner or a seasoned veteran, we’ll have something to catch your interest.

Laser tag guns

Are you someone that wants a little more action in your outdoor activities? We’ve also got you covered. Let’s start with some information for the weekend warrior. If you are into high tech action, we’ll have the latest on laser tag guns and equipment. We’ll have recommendations for everything from family fun all the way to the military level sniper.

Paintball guns

Want something a little more dramatic than laser tag? How about paintball? We can find you the best equipment, whether for an outdoor paintball birthday party or a two day seek and destroy mission. Best locations in your area? We’ll help you find them. All the supplies you need to wreak havoc on the enemy? We’ll get reader recommendations on the best sites, and round up their thoughts on equipment, tactics, and strategy.

Airsoft guns

Something more extreme to your taste? How about airsoft guns and equipment? Now you’ve taken realism in outdoor gaming to the next level. Pistols, sniper rifles, protective vests, and helmets – we’ll talk about all of them, get your feedback, and help you develop your “A” game. We’ll link you to target, ammo, protective equipment, scopes – everything you need and want to come out on top.

Camping equipment

How about some high-tech toys for your war games, or just for your nights in the forest or mountains? We can point you in the right direction for night vision equipment, including scopes, monoculars, binoculars, and thermal imaging cameras for you late night wildlife trackers. Birdwatcher? We’ll have the latest and greatest in optics for you. Hunter? How about spotting scopes with a tripod, rifle mounted scopes, and all varieties of laser scopes, night vision scopes, and rangefinders.

Tacktical equipment

Are you a prepper or survivalist? We’ll have articles, reviews, and links to the best food deals, equipment, “how to” guides, and more. We’ll talk about what you should stock, how much of it, and where to get it. Whether just preparing for the next natural disaster of moving to the woods, we’ll be ready to discuss it.

Our goal is not to get you to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t really want or need, or to bury you in the information that may or may not be important to you. We want to establish a solid user community. We want your input, your reviews, and your feedback on the site.

The site is designed for you, our readers, and we look to you for guidance and input on how to make it the best outdoor web site on the Internet. Questions on the best rifle, body armor, ammunition, or something else? Looking for advice? Whatever your interest, topic, or question, this is the place to post, read, and discuss everything or anything about outdoor life.

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