Proper Airsoft Gun Maintenance Guide – Clean, Lubricate and Care

Proper Airsoft Gun Maintenance Guide – Clean, Lubricate and Care

I hope my article will be useful for both new arrivals in airsoft and experienced players. Here I am going to tell you how to clean, care, and lubricate your airsoft gun to make it work long and efficiently. This article will show the key aspects of airsoft gun maintenance.

Don’t use used BBs

Never reuse shot BBs no matter how good they look at first glance because straight after the shot, they deform. For example, there are cracks, breaks, flakes, scratches, and bends on them. Deformed BBs can damage both the rubber and the hop-up as a whole. In addition, they can stick in the barrel and even cause serious damage to the gearbox.

Clean the barrel

One of the most common reasons leading to the deterioration of accuracy and amplitude is dirt accumulation in the barrel of the airsoft gun.

The accumulated dirt slows down the pellet speed along the barrel, thereby reducing the energy of the shot and affects the accuracy adversely.

The best method to clean the barrel of the airsoft gun using the ramrod that usually comes with airsoft guns. If, for some reason, you don’t have a ramrod, use any suitable rod, for example, a spoke to clean the gun. By the way, it is not worth using solvents and brushes from firearms for cleaning because they are created for other matters.

Tips for cleaning the barrel using a ramrod

  • Set the hop-up to the zero position so that the rubber of hop-up protrudes as little as possible in the barrel. Otherwise, you can damage the hop-up system.

  • Fix a piece of cotton cloth or rags in the “needle eye” of the ramrod.

  • Spray some silicone onto the fabric, lower the ramrod into the barrel.

  • Clean the barrel.

  • After cleaning the barrel with silicone, put a dry cloth on the ramrod and clean the barrel again. The operation must be repeated until the cloth is dry.

Lubricate your airsoft gun

To extend the life of airsoft guns, you need to care for it properly. Each owner of this gear has to remember that it needs regular cleaning and lubrication, which should be carried out after firing, prolonged storage in the open air, long-term storage, and for the removal of preservation grease.

Starting to clean the weapon, remove moisture and condensation with a dry rag. Each time, disassembling the drive for cleaning is optional. When the process is finished, the weapon is also wiped with a clean rag, and then a thin layer of lubricant is applied to the metal parts.

Special grease for weapons is of various types, so some manufacturers offer it immediately in a set. The fact is that a different type of lubricant is also required for each metal component of the gun. One way or another, the grease protects the metal from corrosion and a good pellet release.

For greater accuracy, you should study the instructions for airsoft guns, which indicate certain points that require processing and acceptable types of lubricants. It must be remembered that excess grease becomes attractive to dirt and dust. For this reason, if the weapon is not preparing for long-term storage, then the lubricant layer is especially minimal.

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