How To Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun: Is The Upgrade Necessary?

How To Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun Is The Upgrade Necessary

I decided to write this article for those who have already experienced in Airsoft and wants to upgrade his/her weapon. Below I have collected the tips for upgrading your gun.

Weapon Upgrades

Currently, there are several dozen companies – manufacturers of soft pneumatics. Three types of “guns” are used in-game weapons, the so-called weapon used in airsoft.

  • 1. Spring-loaded.

  • 2. Electro-pneumatic.

  • 3. With high-pressure air.

If some external or basic characteristics of the purchased pneumatics are not satisfied, the owners will transform its appearance or replace, supplement, improve the details of the mechanism. The basics of tuning airsoft guns set out in various recommendations, divide tuning into external and internal.

To my mind, the best tip to upgrade the gun is to take it to the workshop and ask to resolder the wiring and put the electronic key. This is necessary in order to protect the electrician of the gun from burnout, as a result of the prolonged clamping of the firing trigger.

These are the three first steps to take to start upgrading your airsoft gun:

  • 1. Change the standard connectors with which the battery is connected to the gun. They last longer with periodic connection and disconnecting the battery.

  • 2. Make a shimming. The procedure for fitting gears in the mechanism using washers. This will increase the life of your gearbox.

  • 3. If you plan to play in the building or airsoft clubs of the city, you will have to change the base spring to a weaker one so that the gun produces no more than 120 m /s 0.2 g pellet.

Internal/External Tuning

In addition, the internal and external tuning of a weapon is very popular among airsoft players. For example, if some external or basic characteristics of the purchased pneumatics are not satisfied, the owners can modify its appearance or replace, or improve the details of the gun.

Owners of airsoft guns do external tuning for several reasons:

  • Firstly, players want to achieve more excellent reliability, replace fragile parts with tough ones.

  • Secondly, adjustment makes weapons more convenient, improves the accuracy and speed of aiming.

  • The third reason is to give the gun additional surroundings or make it a complete copy of real weapons, to reconstruct the appearance completely.

Speaking of internal tuning, it can be noted that there are also many reasons. For example, a player wants to shoot further, more closely, and faster.

Distance-Based Tuning

There is also one more way of making your gun better. It is a distance-based tuning. Advanced weapons are used only, taking into account the distance.

  • 1) 25 meters – the minimum distance for a sniper rifle with a speed of balls from 120 to 200 m/s;

  • 2) 20 meters – the minimum distance for a machine gun with a speed of balls 130-160 m/s.

Airsoft guns can only be improved within the established rules of the game.

Does an Airsoft Gun Need Upgrading?

I think that it depends on the material the weapon is made of, but more often than not, it is just a tribute to fashion.

Another critical question is, “is the game worth the candle.” Tuning is not a cheap event. Details for upgrading weapons cost a lot, and from the original gun, the adjustment of which was conceived, there may not be anything “native” left.

The money spent on tuning can be comparable to the price of a new airsoft gun.

Before you begin upgrading your old airsoft gun, we suggest you compare it with the modern models available at the moment. We have analyzed the top models in our Best Airsoft Gun 2019 reviews. If you are an Airsoft sniper rifle fan then we have a ready comparison of the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles for you. I think that it is unwise as well as non-profitable to upgrade weapon, which is outdated compared to the models on offer these days.

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