Full Gear Pack That a Beginner Airsoft Player Requires

Full Gear Pack That a Beginner Airsoft Player Requires

Airsoft attracts a number of young people. If you don’t know how to start playing this fascinating and interesting kind of sport, you need to study the full gear list in order to become a member of a team. There is the definitive list of gear you should follow to start. Below I have collected the necessary things for playing airsoft.

Protective eyeglasses

Arisoft tactical goggles

They are a mandatory attribute of an airsoft player. Any injuries from getting hit by a ball can be survived, but if your eyes are not protected, you can simply lose them. The choice of glasses should be taken very seriously. First of all, choose durable glasses that can withstand a ball hit at a speed of 120-140 m/s from a distance of up to 3 meters. And only after that you need to pay attention to convenience, beauty, etc.


FN Soft Air Scar

Naturally, you cannot do without it. For the first few pieces of training, you can rent airsoft guns to play for free to understand how interesting airsoft will be to you. But in the future, of course, you have to buy it. A new airsoft gun will be expensive. In this case, a used one will cost less. To some extent, it’s better to buy a used weapon, because unlike the new one, which comes in the basic configuration.

The second-hand gun may already have a minimal set of upgrades: plastic bushings have been replaced with bearings, better quality rubber twisting balls, gears, wiring replaced, iron spring guide installed, etc. In addition, the used airsoft weapon has already been worked out and shot.

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Proper clothing

Without it, as well as without weapons, you cannot engage in airsoft. Airsoft is a team game, so players must wear the same uniform.

Tactical Boots

Airsoft tactical bootsArmy boots with high berets would be preferable for playing airsoft. You can’t save on shoes because your feet get tired most during the games. The quality of shoes plays a key role in a fighter. Therefore, shoes need to be selected carefully, because good berets will protect your feet from injuries, dirt, and dampness.

Walkie Talkie

Walkie TalkieIt is a very necessary and useful device that is used constantly in airsoft. Of course, you can do without it, but for a quality game, constant communication with the members of your team, as well as to transmit and receive important information, a walkie-talkie is crucial. The simplest walkie talkie with a power of 1 watt is cheap, but if you want to buy a powerful walkie talkie at 5 watts is more expensive.

Load-Bearing Vest

Airsoft Load-bearing vestIn some teams, it is a required attribute; in others, it is not. In any case, a tactical vest is a very useful thing because it has many convenient pockets where everything that is needed even for a daily game is placed.


Airsoft helmetHead protection is never superfluous. An airsoft helmet has been perceived by such players as a “must-have.” As a rule, plastic replicas of the original helmets are used. Heads are perfectly protected both from fragmentation and direct hits during games.

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