Choosing Airsoft BBs With Ease (Short Guide)

Choosing Airsoft BBs With Ease

Airsoft BBs are used as ammunition, made of plastic and have a diameter of 6 millimeters. The range is huge, and there are a number of features when choosing them. In this article, I will help you understand the intricacies of choosing BBs.

No matter what type or model of airsoft drive you use, these plastic balls will be the same size, namely 6mm in diameter. However, airsoft pellets differ in other parameters. Here they are:


The first and most crucial criterion when choosing BBs for airsoft is weight.  When playing airsoft, they weighing from 0.12 to 0.43 grams are used. It would seem no difference. However, in practice, this is not so.

Changing the weight by tenths of a gram leads to a tangible change in the range and accuracy of the shot.

Each weight category has its own purpose.

0.12 grams

These spherical projectiles are the lightest. As a rule, they are used in pistols or for filling pyrotechnic items;

0.20 grams

They are standard for speed measuring of the shot. They are used in pistols and airsoft guns with low-speed shots. In addition, they are recommended when playing in tight spaces. Lightweight allows you to increase flight range, but the accuracy will be lower than with heavier bullet balls. Check out our review of the Best Airsoft Guns.

0.23 grams

This type of airsoft items is used for games with basic factory-assembled airsoft guns.

0.25 grams

This kind of bullet is the most popular among airsoft players since the indicated balance achieves the optimal balance between power, range of the ball, and the accuracy of the shot. Recommended for playing with factory-built airsoft weapons and in open spaces.

0.28 grams

Such ammunition is used to play with factory-built airsoft guns. They are recommended for playing in open spaces.

0.30 grams

They are applicable for playing with most factory-assembled sniper rifles. Moreover, these bullet balls are used in tuned airsoft gears.

0.36 grams

These BBs are suitable for sniper rifles and tuned airsoft weapons. They are considered to be classified as heavy airsoft bullet balls.

0.40 grams

They are heavy airsoft BBs. They are used for sniper rifles. Products have high stability during flight, can break through bushes and foliage, as well as overcome a slight wind. Check out our review of the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles.


Airsoft BBs

The vast majority of players use standard white plastic projectiles. They are generally accepted and widely distributed.

However, airsoft pellets can not only be white but for example, black, pink, gray, brown, green, red. The difference in the color of the ball is mainly designed to bring diversity to the gameplay.


There are a lot of firms producing airsoft ball bullets. And they all make BBs of different quality.

Production quality is understood as:

  • How accurately the manufacturer casts the ball in diameter. The recognized standard is 5.95 mm plus-minus 0.02mm;

  • How close the shape of the ball is to the ideal, that is, spherical;

  • Whether there are empty cavities in the ball, which in turn make the ball’s flight path unpredictable.

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