How to Play Paintball During Cold Seasones

How to Play Paintball During Cold Seasones_

Paintball is a game that attracts large groups of friends who are bored of sitting at home watching TV every weekend, sipping a beer, or hot tea. Unfortunately, paintball is undeservedly attributed purely to summer entertainment. This opinion is erroneous because paintball in winter can be even more fun than in summer if you prepare for it in advance. In my article, I would like to tell you how to play this game even in winter.

Features of the game in the winter season

You can play paintball even in cold weather. This is best done at temperatures up to -10 degrees. It is advisable that there is no strong wind and heavy snowfall if the game is planned in an open area. In all other cases, snow can bring additional excitement – after all, any player can dive into a snowdrift without pain. The best time for paintball in the winter is from 12 to 15 pm.

Winter gear and equipment

  • 1 Masks. The use of protective masks with ordinary glass in the cold is almost impossible – they quickly freeze from breathing, which significantly reduces visibility. In winter, it is best to use masks with thermal glasses. Check our review of the Best paintball masks.

  • 2. Markers. In the cold, any weapon can fail. To a greater extent, this applies to markers rental and amateur class. To prevent jamming, the weapon must, in a warm place during breaks.  Check our review of the Best paintball guns.

  • 3. Balls. Winter paintball is not possible without special balls. They have a reinforced shell and are filled with more thickened dye. Ordinary paintballs in frost get very fragile and burst right in the marker barrel.


This question is very important. It is difficult to concentrate on the game when you experience a sense of discomfort.

Clothes should be multi-layered, windproof, waterproof and do not restrict the player’s movement.

All clothes (from socks and underpants to sweaters and jackets) should be warm, made from natural fabrics. It is this approach that allows you to save heat and breathe skin.

Gloves must be on hand. So that they do not interfere with the game, do not wear thick mitts. Shoes should be warm, high, with a non-slippery sole. Army boots best meet these requirements. Under them, it is best to wear knitted socks and take a spare pair with you.

The head also should not be left uncovered.  Remember that juts before you dress for paintball in the winter, remember that you will be given a special camouflage suit at the paintball club so as not to stain your clothes.

To sum up, remember that each season has its charms, which can manifest themselves just during the game of paintball. In any case, each of the times has its pros and cons. And no matter what season is on the street, you can enjoy the game of paintball if you take into account the small nuances of weather conditions.

Winter is not a reason to hibernate. Invite your company to play paintball in the winter outdoors. Nowadays, winter paintball is available to almost everyone, including women and children.

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