Playing Paintball Like a Real Expert (Short Guide)

Playing Paintball Like a Real Expert (Short Guide)

Every year there are more and more people who are keen on paintball. A great number of photos on Instagram attract real men and strong women to play such an active game. Unfortunately, the majority of them give up this idea because of the lack of knowledge about paintball. Fortunately, you have found an article that will encourage you to go to a paintball store and buy all the necessary equipment.

If your friends invited you to play paintball and you have never been experienced in – don’t worry because my tips will help you become a real expert in this game.

What is Paintball?

Paintball is a team game, so you need to start negotiating with the other participants who will attack. The main mistake of novice players is the wrong choice of strategy or its complete absence.

Main Tactical Mistakes

Some beginners choose the largest shelter and sit in it for too long, not being able to observe the game and help other team members.
Others, on the contrary, rush to the attack immediately, not having time to assess the situation, and, as a rule, quickly fall under fire. If possible, I advise you to inspect the field before the game, outline a position and shelter that will allow you to be protected and have a good overview.


Repeating the same moves and maneuvers over and over again, you become easily predictable for experienced rivals. If the opponent can predict your reaction, it will be easy for him to lure you into a prepared trap.

Is Uniform Important?

paintball uniform

Remember that your clothes should be comfortable and what is more important — it should not hinder your movements. Moreover, it has to cover your body surface, and it should not be a pity to spoil it. Despite the fact that the paint from the balls comes out in washing well, in paintball you will have many other opportunities to get dirty.

It is highly important that you choose the proper equipment for the game. That is why we have prepared this review of the best paintball guns for you. We have discussed how to choose the Paintball marker according to your game style. Also, you shouldn’t forget about the face defense, so in the best paintball masks article, we present the comparison of the top budget as well as pro models you can consider.

Use Objectives to Remember the Position of the Opponent

Remember the shelter position of rivals. Mark the tree behind which the opponent is hiding from the marker, pay attention to the shape of the trunk, branches, use observation and memory. In this case, even switching to another opponent for a while and returning to the previous enemy, you will not have to wait until he finds himself.

Always Follow the Rules

The most important thing is to listen to instructions and safety techniques closely. One of the main rules of paintball for all participants never removes the mask, even if the paint has fallen into it.

Among other rules in paintball, there are three more main rules that every player needs to remember:

  • The player on the field must always be in the mask.

  • You cannot point a marker at a person if you are outside the field or if the player suddenly finds himself/herself without a mask.

  • Outside the field, the marker should be kept on the fuse.

And the last recommendation: respect your opponent. Do not shoot point-blank at unprotected places and at an already hit player. Let paintball bring you only pleasant emotions, excitement, and adrenaline! Good luck!

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