How to Sight In Your New Rifle Scope

How to Sight In Your New Rifle Scope

An optical scope installing is an important part of working with a weapon and an optical scope, which requires the owner to follow strict rules and steps. If everything is done correctly and according to the rules, the optics are installed. The reason for the optical scope sight is the mandatory shooting accuracy.

Sighting of optics is carried out at a distance of 100 meters, this is a classic, but if you want and having a head on your shoulders, you can shoot at 50 and 200 meters. Why is it 100 meters? This value is not random.

Basically, all scopes are divided into several types, which are divided by functionality. Scopes are tactical and hunting. Hunting is driven, universal, and mountain (conditionally).

Hunting rifle scope

Tactical scopes or sports scopes for long-distance shooting are usually done with open drums for entering corrections, but and with one more drum, for setting on the lens, which eliminates parallax error (but not all scopes). Check out our Best Long Range Rifle Scopes 2019 review.

Tactical rifle scope

If the tactical rifle scope is with impressive magnification, then the parallax detuning, or as it is called focus adjustment (side focusing, adjusting the lens focus), is an integral part. Without it, such an aim will not be accurate on long-range shots. Well, a tactical scope with parallax adjustment can be shot, and even more so, it’s easy to adjust focus, but with hunting rifle scopes, it’s a little more complicated.

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope?

The fact is that many hunting rifle scopes, with a classic optical zoom (1.5-6, 3-9, 4-12, etc.), do not have parallax adjustment; in hunting rifle scopes, it is fixed. What does it mean? To begin with, we recall once again what is Parallax, and with what to eat it? Parallax error, parallax effect, parallax detuning, and all this is one optical effect when the plane of the reticle is out of the target plane.

A 100-meter sighting of a hunting rifle scopes provides perfect focusing of the reticle and target. On scopes, with parallax detuning, on this drum, there are distance divisions (50, 100, 200, 300, etc.), on which focus is adjusted, mainly starting from 100 meters in the same way.

At a 100-meter sighting, the bullet’s entrance to the precision shot zone will be from about 50 to 150, i.e., the first “zero” will be at a distance of 100 meters, and the second will not.

What is this talking about? The fact that the optical axis of the sight is aimed at the target (a crosshair in the center of the target) is straight, and the path of the bullet goes along the arc, and so the intersection of the path of the bullet with the optical axis of the sight is “zero”.

When shooting at 100 meters, there is one “zero” (contact between the bullet path and the sight axis), but the deviation will not be significant, i.e., shooting a targeted sight at 100 meters, you will fall into the center of the target from 50 to 150 meters (approximately).

Having shot an optical scope and a carbine under one cartridge, more precisely, even a bullet, you will work with the grid only with this bullet.

If you shot with a bullet of 10 grams, for example, and in the future, you will use bullets lighter or heavier, then the ballistic indicators will be different, and as a result of misses.

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