How to Take Care of Your Night Vision Device

How to Take Care of Your Night Vision Device

First of all, it is worthwhile to figure out what constitutes and how the night vision device works.

NVDs are special photoelectronic devices that convert images indistinguishable in the dark into visible ones, amplifying the light and giving them brightness and contrast.

If you are an owner of such night vision devices like night vision goggles, a night vision scope, or even a thermal scope, you definitely know that all these devices need taking care really well when they are not in use. The first reason is certainly the price of such devices. Secondly, these devices provide you with a serious advantage.

There are not many elements in NVD that can be easily damaged. The device is undesirable to be dropped and stored for a long time without removing the battery. You should always use protection for lenses, and it is better to put a good glass filter.

Almost all night vision devices are designed for extended use. In order to ensure maximum operability of these devices, you must adhere to the following rules:

Fog and humidity

It is not a big secret that working when it is pouring cats and dogs can destroy your device because such equipment is not hospitable to water. Some night devices are increasingly unprotected to fog. At the moment on the global market, you can find a wide range of devices that allow you to use it while it is raining or foggy outside. A great number of night vision devices with a waterproofing system are included, so when you choose a device, pay attention to this option as well.

Wet batteries

The majority of non-military night vision devices are not protected from water and can affect the battery heavily. In order to keep your battery dry, use such a weatherproof case as Modular Battery Case from The Tactical Medic or the Thyrm CellVault Battery Storage.

Bright light

A lot of devices of night vision are able to be destroyed by bright light. It is very essential to protect your tool from sun exposure. Light can destroy the tool because of many reasons, so it is better to save it from car headlights, sun, flashlights, and other bright sources.

Cleaning your night vision device

It is obvious that every expensive tool you invest have to be saved from the dust. Below you can find some tips for doing that:

  • Clean the lenses with a multi-coated industrial lens cleaner (you can use pure alcohol).

  • Remove dust or dirt from lenses using a soft cloth.

  • Clean the cabinet with a soft, clean, slightly soaked in petroleum jelly.


It is well-known that any equipment can be damaged. So try to avoid bumping and dropping the unit. The design of devices includes high-quality lenses that can be damaged in case of improper use.

In conclusion, I would like to notice that night vision devices should be stored in a case in a dry, well-ventilated room, away from ventilation shafts and heating appliances at a temperature not lower than + 10ºC and humidity not higher than 70%. If a device is stored for more than two months, I strongly recommend you to remove the batteries.

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