Is it Legal to Hunt With a Night Vision Device

Is it Legal to Hunt With a Night Vision Device

If your hobby is hunting, then, of course, the choice of a gun, the rifle is a matter of paramount importance, since these are the main subjects on the hunt. Fans of night hunting, also, for fruitful “night work” must buy night vision devices (NVD). It is they who help hunters, thanks to the infrared spectrum, even in pitch darkness to see the game invisible to the human eye and navigate the terrain.

Is it Legal to Have NVD?

Some hunters may have a question of the legality of using night vision riflescopes on hunting.

According to the Law “On Arms,” the installation of night vision scopes on civilian and official weapons is prohibited, except for scopes for hunting. The order of use of which is established by the Government of the country, as well as their sale.

In other words, you can have a night vision riflescope, and installation is prohibited if it is not a hunting riflescope. If the scope is hunting, then we must be guided by the decree of the Government of the country. All this together allows you to use the night vision hunting rifle scopes on a hunt legally.

In any case, it is necessary to be guided by local hunting rules and remember that in some areas of the country, hunting with night vision scope is prohibited by local hunting rules. Also, do not forget that there are commercial hunts where you can pre-arrange the use of night vision scope.

Having talked with professional hunters, I found out that:

  • 1. With night vision scopes, hunting becomes more comfortable and safe.

  • 2. Accurate hit is more likely, which reduces the risk of wounding.

  • 3. At any time and in any place, no one will forbid you to use NVD for photo hunting.

How to Hunt With a Night Vision Device?

When planning to purchase a night vision device for hunting, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the main characteristics in advance and choose the most suitable option.

NVDs are special photoelectronic devices that convert images indistinguishable in the dark into visible ones, amplifying the light and giving them brightness and contrast.

The first devices that allow you to see in the infrared range were invented in the 30s of the 20th century. Since then, developers around the world do not stop to improve them every year, expanding their capabilities more and more.

Any night vision device consists of:

  • the lens;

  • radiation receiver;

  • amplifier;

  • display devices.

Modern night-vision devices use electron-optical converters of several generations, and each of them is more powerful than the previous one.

To sum up, acquiring NVD in the first place is to decide what you need – scope, binoculars, a monocular, or goggles. And only after that, consider the technical characteristics of the device. Most of all, the image quality depends on the generation of the image intensifier tubes, the price also depends on this, because pleasure is not cheap. The next step after choosing the type of NVD and its generation will be the selection of the technical characteristics of the optics.

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