Complete Gear List for a Beginning Paintball Player

Complete Gear List for a Beginning Paintball Player

Paintball used to be an activity for the elite, but today it is one of the most popular types of outdoor activities. This wonderful competition captivates men, women, and children, as it does not require special physical training. For this reason, many people are interested in what you need to play paintball. I know the exact answer to this question, so in my article, you will find everything you need, from markers to accessories.

What Does the Paintball Gear List Include?

Camouflage for Paintball

paintball camo

Depending on the season, clothes for the game change. In summer, a light jacket and trousers are used. In winter, overalls are put on thermal underwear, preferably with a hood. Protective clothing should be made of waterproof fabric with a water-repellent effect. An ideal option for convenience and safety is a camouflage jumpsuit.


paintball cleats

The paintball uniform should preferably include comfortable shoes. In summer, these are sneakers, in winter – boots on the tread sole. Shoes are usually not hired, so the choice of shoes is left to every player.


paintball masks

Playing paintball, you will definitely need a paintball mask. At any time of the year, a hat is put on under it. In summer, this product is made of cotton, which allows air to pass through well, and in winter, it is made of wool. Masks are a helmet with protective glass for the eyes. They come in single or double glass. Any is absolutely safe, but it is best to use a double glass mask. Learn more about the Best paintball masks.


paintball marker

The paintball gear list includes a marker – a weapon firing bullets with paint. The following types of markers are distinguished:
  • amateur

  • tactical

  • sports

  • pump-action or scenario.

Amateur markers are the simplest weapon that shoots with duralumin balls.

Tactical markers are excellent weapons, balanced in price and quality. Their main advantage is that they are easily suited for a large number of different upgrades that allow you to use the marker as different types of weapons from machine guns to grenade launchers during one game.

Sports markers are usually expensive electronic toys. They will not need upgrades, but the sports game will not suffer from this.

Scenic paintball markers are also tactical weapons, but as close as possible to the original.

Pump markers do not use compressed gas, and for each shot, it must be cocked. Their main advantage is that they can be used for close combat, they are lightweight, and even a child can cope with them.

Learn more about the Best Paintball Guns.

Compressed Air Tanks

paintball propellants

One of the important parts of the marker is balls. It is filled with compressed gas (nitrogen, air, carbon dioxide) to push balls with paint. The material from which the cylinders are made may be aluminum or Kevlar.


To shoot from markers, you will need paintballs. Summer and winter balls differ in composition. For the cold season, use balls with a more elastic shell and paint that does not freeze at low temperatures.

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