Useful Tips That Will Help You Reduce Pain While Playing Paintball

Reduce Pain While Playing Paintball

There is a myth that paintball is a life-threatening sport because of balls that can hit you painfully. Naturally, each person is unique in his/her physical characteristics: someone has more sensitive skin, someone has less, but exactly for such cases. There are a protective camouflage, mask, and other means of ensuring security on the field.

Paintball protective gear

Paintball balls are designed in such a way that upon contact with any surface, they immediately crack, leaving a bright mark of paint. It feels more like a slight burning or pinching. It should be borne in mind that a shot from a close distance (about 5-10 m) is more noticeable than from afar one. So in some games, it is forbidden to shoot point-blank, and the enemy will still be recognized as defeated.

The turn of shots is also palpable when several balls hit you at once, but it is also completely safe for health and life. If you get into an unprotected area of the skin with a paintball, then most likely, there will be a bruise. To be sure, always check before the game whether all the necessary components of protection are worn on you.

The protective mask is the mandatory safety element in Paintball.

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No matter how you hide behind shelters during the game, sooner or later, the ball will “catch” you. As a rule, this “meeting” is completely invisible and painless. But in special cases (if some part of the body was not covered or a shot was fired from a short distance), hematomas can occur.

It is not a secret that paintball bruises clear up pretty quickly, but you can speed up this process by taking adequate measures. It is mainly to attach something cold to the site of the lesion. Having arrived home, you can apply a special ointment that removes bruises. But even without these procedures, the bruise will pass within a week.

Another option for injury in paintball is a bruise with sedimentation, known as abrasion. It must be immediately treated with iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and a gauze dressing. To relieve puffiness, you can apply a cold compress.

The most extreme case is when, after playing a game of paintball, the sensitivity of the surface is disturbed, and the limb is immobilized. This occurs when it enters a large nerve trunk. In this case, the limb must be fixed, take pain medication, and immediately consult a doctor. In fairness, it should be noted that such cases are very rare in paintball practice.

To sum up, you have to realize that paintballs are paint placed in a fragile shell. Of course, at the time of the shot, the speed of the ball can reach 90 m/s, but from a long distance, such a “bullet” is simply not capable of causing any harm to the player in the ammunition. That is, it is painful to play paintball if only to violate safety rules – do not put on the necessary protective equipment or shoot at point-blank range.

In these cases, the game can even be dangerous. If you follow all the rules told by the instructor, you should not be afraid for your health, but it is possible to return home with a couple of bruises.

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