The FUN-damentals of Paintball

When to trying out new sports, one of the main things to look into is the fun factor, will the risks be worth all the fun? One sport that says a big YES to that question is Paintball. This is a relatively new sport gaining more popularity among the young and old as it has something to offer for all to enjoy. Those new and even those who have already tried it will certainly find this a quick and helpful guide to all things Paintball.

No Pain, No Gain

Call me a liar if I tell you getting hit won’t hurt, but just a wee bit. More than the pain, the surprise of getting hit is what will get to you. This is what makes the whole experience thrilling. You will never know when you will get hit since all of your opponents are hiding somewhere out in the game zone.
It might sting, and might even leave a mark, but moments later many already forget and cannot wait to get back in the game. Adrenaline plays a key role in helping mask the pain or helping you feel nothing at all. The first-timers often have this huge fear of getting hit that what they often do is hide all throughout the game. Getting hit (and hurt) is all part of the game. Yes, it might surprise you, yet this can serve as your motivation to not get hit as much on your next Paintball game.

Dressed to Impress (and Attack)

Paintball can be played inside or outdoors, as long as you have ample space to run around and hide. It is generally categorized into two types, speedball or woodsball. Speedball is usually played indoors or in a court and uses inflatable bunkers or makeshift objects as hiding places. While woodsball is played outdoors, using trees or any part of the natural landscape.

Depending on the weather, the general rule is to avoid wearing close-fitting clothes as these absorb less impact making hits more felt. The key is to wear loose-fitting clothes and in layers, as long as they do not restrict your movements. Always wear long sleeves and pants, preferably sweatpants and shirts. These will help you cover the areas most likely to get hit and lessen the chances of severe bruising. You do not have to invest in expensive running shoes. As long as they are closed and are comfortable running it then they are okay for Paintball.

Just make sure that everything you wear to a game is something you wouldn’t mind getting dirty since the Paintball just might leave a stain and the game involves a lot of running and crawling around. It is also important to always bring a clean change of clothes. Paintball is fun but is also a very physical game wherein everybody gets sweaty and often dirty.

Ready, Get Gear, and Go!

JT Premise best paintball mask

When playing any sport, it is always important to invest in the basic gear. Buying expensive does not always mean quality. Always lookout for the durability and ease of use. Do not go for the more advance models if you have no idea how to use them in the first place. It is essential that you get what is comfortable for you to use on your skill level and base your decisions from there.

First on the list is the Mask. Invest in one that provides ample coverage and should also come with a thermal lens which do not fog up. Just make sure that the mask fits comfortably over your face and also does not restrict your breathing in any way. Never remove your mask during a game to avoid any facial bruises or injury. If you are wearing glasses under your mask, make sure to consult first with your office before the start of the game to see if there are rules against removing your mask once the game starts.

Tippmann A-5 Best Paintball Marker

Next would be your marker, or for first-timers the “Paintball Gun.” There are mainly three marker types, each with its own pros and cons. Do your research or consult an advanced Paintball player to see which will fit you particularly. The most basic of the three is the Mechanical type. This operates with the use of springs and a combination of devices to fire a single Paintball every time.

Pump markers are more tedious to use since they need to be pumped first before a Paintball is fired. The more advanced players may find that that the electronic Marker type might work best since this operates using a computer board making the whole process automatic resulting in fast Paintball firing. It might also be a good idea to try the three types before investing in your own marker to see which is more suited to your needs.

Your ammo are your Paintballs, these come in different kinds that work better in specific weather. Look into what will work best for you and your venue. A great tip to save more money is to buy your Paintballs in bulk. There are specialty shops that offer discounts on bulk purchases hoping to attract more players to this new extreme sport.

HPA or CO2?

Aside from the type of marker, you also need to choose what will propel your Paintball out of the marker itself. You have a choice between using HPA or CO2. There are specific benefits to each kind, depending on what skill level you are in. Advanced players suggest that you opt for an HPA air fill since this will help give you more accurate shots and also regulates easily. Those who are on the beginner level will find that CO2 is the cheaper alternative although not as accurate as HPA. If playing for the first time, look for Paintball venues that offer free air fills to lessen the overall cost.

Playing Paintball involves team strategy and unity, resulting in a different kind of thrill. There is something to be said in a sport wherein teamwork and strategy take centerstage as teams try to outwit each other in a “war zone”, but one thing is inevitable when it comes to this sport, FUN, and load of it too.

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