How To Travel With Your Airsoft Gun Safely Without Breaking the Law

How To Travel With Your Airsoft Gun Safely Without Breaking the Law

Whoever says anything, but in our time, there are many good male hobbies that can pull out from the philistines and everyday routine. One of these hobbies is airsoft.

Airsoft and its varieties is a popular team game. The beauty of this game is that it is not its basis that can be composed of many role-playing games that repeat the plots of famous shooters.

And those who do not like role-playing games, it’s nice just to run and shoot. Since the occupation is associated with the risk of injuries, the choice of equipment must be approached responsibly.

The law classifies civilian pneumatic weapons by muzzle energy as follows:

  • up to 3 joules – not a weapon;

  • from 3 to 7.5 joules – amateur airguns;

  • from 7.5 to 25 joules – hunting pneumatic weapons;

In other words, the circulation and use of airsoft weapons are not regulated by law.

However, there is one important “BUT” – airsoft guns are identical in appearance to firearms prototypes. Therefore, from afar, it is indistinguishable from military weapons! The unspoken rules of conduct follow from here, following which you will protect yourself from problems with the law and the community.

Glock 19

Many airsoft players who start playing airsoft are interested in the airsoft weapon permission – whether they need it while traveling or not. Do they need to follow the rules and regulations so as not to break the law and not attract the attention of the police?

You have to remember that rules for the purchase, storage, use, and delivery of goods are governed by the law ” On Arms.”

Airsoft weapons do not need special permits for their acquisition, but there are certain rules for their storage. In addition, special conditions must be adhered to for traveling with soft pneumatics.

  • 1. First of all, remember that soft pneumatics should be stored with open clips, which must be released from airsoft balls.

  • 2. If you have an electromechanical gun, it is better to disconnect and discharge batteries before being stored.

  • 3. The storage area must be protected from moisture and possible mechanical damage and should not be accessible to children or unauthorized individuals.

  • 4. The weapon should be in a case and be in an upright position.

  • 5. Each soft pneumatic unit must have its passport, which clearly describes its technical characteristics.

If you are a member of the airsoft club, it will not be a problem to travel with your weapon because the club has to provide every player with special weapon certificates confirming that the exported airsoft gun are not pneumatic.

An airsoft gun or a machine gun is not a weapon, and the treatment of them is not regulated by law. But it should be remembered that airsoft samples look like real ones and also shoot. Therefore, it is necessary to handle pneumatics carefully, without ignoring common sense. Find out more in the Best Airsoft Guns Review.

Using simple rules of conduct, you will never make yourself problems and will be able to enjoy such a type of hobby as Airsoft fully!

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