Keeping Your Night Vision Scope Safe (7-Step Care Guide)

Keeping Your Night Vision Scope Safe (7-Step Care Guide)

Night optical sights are intended for hunting in the dark mostly. The device is able to determine the distance to the target, provide guidance of the weapon to the desired point. The main element of the NVD is an electron-optical converter.

Any optics are used outdoors, which means it is at a high risk of pollution. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know how to care for the night vision scope properly, what is the care of optics, what means of optics care to use. Indeed, on hunting, fishing, on a tourist trip, your binoculars, an optical sight, and so on are sure to become dusty, can be exposed to moisture, get a greasy spot on the lens, and more. So as not to allow it to happen, follow our 7–step care guide.

1. How to clean optics

Wipe the lens with a clean cloth in the field is extremely dangerous. Any dust and dirt particles are abrasives that, when rubbed, can damage not only the protective and antireflection coatings on the lens, but also glass. Never use household cleaning products for cleaning glass, mirrors, glassware, etc.

2. Keep the battery dry

It goes without saying that best night vision scopes are able to be used in rainy weather, so the battery can easily get wet. I strongly recommend you to buy a special waterproofing battery case that will protect your battery from moisture.

Pen for cleaning optics

3. Take the battery out

If you don’t use your device for a long period of time, just take the battery out because the long-term battery can lead to the equipment damages.

4. Remember that night vision scope is fragile

Despite modern technology development, night vision devices can be still fragile. Nevertheless, you don’t need to baby them. I suggest taking care of it. Night vision becomes better year by year, but still, there is a purpose most manufacturers include a rough and ready box for their optics. Use it carefully!

5. Avoid moisture

To be honest moister is not the best friend of night vision devices. Try to use different cases to protect your expensive night vision scope. Working outside, do not forget about the cover to take care of night vision scope and use it longer

6. Objective lens are important

Objective lenses are a part and a parcel of every night vision device. Try not to touch them because even frequent cleaning is able to destroy them. There are two sensitive lenses that can be damaged after often touching, so the only way to keep them well, not to touch them often.

7. Fix night vision scopes only if you are an expert

Maybe you will find this tip really silly or ridiculous, but I do really think that it is necessary to be mentioned. Don’t touch this kind of equipment if you are not a professional. These devices should only ever be taken apart by a professional. If something breaks down, permanently contact the manufacturer in order to repair and don’t try to fix it yourself!

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